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Tuesday, September 13, 2011

How to Hack with Trojan or Prorat Tutorial

Prorat a famous Trojan for hacking system, facebook, gmail, yahoo, twitter and other accounts. Today i will show you step by step guide to hack with Prorat.

First of download Prorat from the given link

Then disable your antivirus. It is necessary other wise your downloaded trojan will be detected and deleted. Don't worry, it will not harm your system at this stage.
Now run Prorat.exe

You will see the prorat window. There are so many options but you have to create a server first.
So click on create server.
There will be 3 options
  1. Create Prorat server
  2. Create Downloader Server
  3. Create Cgi Victim List & usage
now click on create prorat server

A new window will popup. which will have a lots of options in side bar.
  • Notifications
  • General settings
  • Bind with Files
  • Server extnsions
  • Server Icons
You have to use all options one by one to create a server.
Now in Notofication. Mark on Use Mail Notification and enter your email id. there will be a default id. Erase it and enter your. Then Test. It will send a testing mail to your email. Check your spam too.

Then Go to general settings and select all the options which you want to have in your trojan.

Then go to Bind with file and select file to bind your trojan with.
At last select your server extension and icon. Then click on Create server.
Now you have created a server.

Send this server file to the victim you want to hack, but before sending this file to victim make it FUD (Fully UnDetectable) with FUD cryptors. Search for this website for FUD articles.
after creating server FUD, it is ready to send to the victim.

Send this file to the victim. If the victim will run the server in the system, Trojan server will send you the notification email with the IP address of the victim. Use this ip and run your prorat.

At the top there is an option for IP and port. Enter thr IP and port and click on connect.
wait to connect.
After getting connected to the victim's system.. you can use any of the options available on the prorat to hack the user's system.


Tirthapriya said...

what is the password of prorat v1.9 when i'm extracting it is asking to enter a password

Sachin Bhargava said...


Naqash Patrus said...

how do i send to victim's computer.
reply on email. naqashpatrus3@gmail.com

Anonymous said...

Can a trojan that is created with this be sent to a mac?

waqqar Sis said...

while i try to test for email notification it gets hanged and after some time it says error

Anonymous said...

i have downloaded the program but i cant run it i have used the password and everything when i try to pack it out it comes up an empety folder and when i tro to run it wont start what shall i do

Hackers Protocol said...

Firstly, Turn off your ANTI VIRUS then download

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