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Friday, September 16, 2011

Decode Keyloggers and Stealers - Get Passwords of Hackers !

Hello, Here method to Hack the Hackers..If you have a Keylogger on your Computer, and you know the file, this process will easily give you the FTP website they are using so you can get the logs for the files, and if they use the same keyloggers on other computers, you’ll get the logs for that to.
What is Reverting ?
Reverting generally means reversing an action or undoing the changes. Here in our case, reverting would be more of reversing the action. For this we will need a key logger server using ftp. It can be found on warez sites, you tube etc.
Tools needed:
1) Key logger, pass stealer
2) Cain and Abel
3) Virtual machine (so you don't get infected, and what if the hacker is using better protocol that'd be epic fail)

Follow the Following Steps.....
1.) Execute the key logger on your virtual machine.
2.) Now run Cain and Abel and do the following things as per stated order.
3.) Wait for sometime and then check back the passwords area.
4.) As you can see the key logger used ftp protocol to transfer the logs. Ftp protocol isn't very safe since it doesn't encrypt the data. Anyways you should see the ip address where your pc is sending packets. And also the user name and password. This might not work if the server is using other protocol like http smtp etc you'll most probably get junk values in user and pass box if those protocols are used.

So i open the ip address
5.) Now you have username and pass from "Cain and Abel" ... So Login and Hit The Hacker !!!!


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