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Sunday, August 12, 2012

Removing Country Restrictions In Android Google Play Store

Google Play (Formerly Android Market)is the Largest Place for Android Apps,But one of the Biggest problem the users are facing is the Country Restriction in Google Play(Android Market).
Due to this Country restriction in Google Play(Android Market) Users couldn't download apps or games developed by the other country developers.
So here is the solution to Google Play Country Restriction.

Thursday, August 9, 2012

Record All Incoming And Outgoing Calls Without A Beep

Have u ever tried to record voice calls on ur Symbian phone??????But the main problem that we all faces is that during the recording of a call is that after every 15 sec the call recording software create a beep sound that can be audible to to user on the other end and thus he may came to know that the call is been recorded

Sunday, July 1, 2012

Know The Creation Date Of A Gmail Account

Sometime when u lost ur gmail account password then u need to use the recovery options given by google such as sms,voice message,alternate email etc....bt many user has not filled up these option and due to this laziness that have to lose there valueable account

Thinking of this fact google has provided u with an additional feature of google contact form but there also the basic problem is that it also ask for the account creation date otherwise you are not allowed to reset your password. So here is a tutorial by Hackers Protocol to know the creation date of ur gmail account

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Important Announcement For All HackersProtocol.com Visitors

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Thank You

Change Blogger's Country specific URL back to .com

Recently Blogger changed the it's user's , blog's url from .com to their specfic country URL .It gave a big loss to many Blogger blogs . So I'm with the solution . How to change it back again , to com URL .

Sunday, March 11, 2012

How to make Trojan, Keylogger Undetectable from Antivirus

In my previous post I wrote about trojan and how to crate a trojan server to hack but all famous trojan servers are detected by antivirus and thus useless. Here i am going to write the method to make your trojan, keylogger and RAT FUD (fully undetectable) by antivirus softwares.

1- Download PC Guard For Windows 

Friday, February 24, 2012

How to Hack Facebook Fan page

Many times people asked me the tool to hack facebook fan page. I got many mails of those people whose facebook fan page has been hacked. And they need my help to recover that hacked page. Actually there is a small bug in facebook's page settings. In this post i will explain that bug and the way by which you can hack a facebook page.

Facebook page has a page owners and all the members who have liked the page. But admin has an option to make other page members as admin of the page. By using this feature, admin can add as many people as admin as he want.  And admin can also remove other admin. Now the bug exists in this feature. When the admin adds other persons as admin, the new admins will also have all the privileges as the original admin has.

Thursday, January 26, 2012

How to detect a keylogger in a system

Keylogger is the software program or a hardware which reads and store all the key stroke by a user in the system it is installed.

Having a keylogger in the system means you are going to loose some thing big. If your system is infected by a keylogger, your email id, facebook account, bank account and all other secure data is on the risk. Now a days hackers are active enough and many website offering free software download with keyloggers attached in it. So you need to know how to protect your system from keyloggers. If you want to know how to detect a keyloggers in a system, you can follow these points:

Increase your Hard Drive/Access Your Folders as Drives

You can create Virtual Drives in your Computer. Now you can access your Favorite Folders as a drive in My Computer.
What you can do ?
Access your folders as a Drive !
Fool 'Computer Beginners' or your 'Friends' (Non-Expert) , as the drive will show Disk Space of the folder's drive so it seems that the disk space has increased !!

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Convert your RAM into a Graphic card

Play latest Games without Graphic Card
Many times we are stuck up with a system that just doesn’t provide enough juice to run the latest game…this results in->
you either spend a pot of money (atleast Rupees 3500 or 70$) for getting the latest graphics card
or you just read reviews of games like Crysis , Far Cry on gamespot and feel like a noob,fully knowing that your system just won’t be able to support it....
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