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Monday, September 19, 2011

Hack Facebook Accounts or any Other Account for free using Fake Mails

Hii Friends....I hope you all are fine.Well, Many people want to hack Facebook or any other E-mail account in an easy Method. If you are also in this search till now, then your search ends here.You are going to learn the most easy and most simple trick to hack Facebook.So you are going to learn something new by this post. Well, Here you are going to use a Fake mail to hack anyone's Account.

So, this trick is a "PART" of Phishing that means fooling the victim in a different way rather than sending him a Link to login. But you are going to learn the easiest method.
Well, Here I am using a Software that is Anonym Mailer Software.
Well, Anonym Mailer is a software that allows you to send mails from any of the E-mails to any of the other E-mails. You can make fun with your friends using this Software.

Anonym Mailer:
  • Download this Anonym Mailer Software from here.
  • Well, it is a RAR extension file, so u need WinRar.
  • Run this software on your computer. It may take some time to open when you click on the software.
Just Observe the Image shown above. You will get total Idea of what I am talking about. But you will think that who will fall in this spam. Well, There are lot of frauds around who send mails of having Jackpot of  10 Lakhs and so on. If people can believe in such stupid scams then why won't they in this one and they should because here we are using the E-mail sent from Support@facebook.com. So I think many of the people will do so as mentioned that is they will change their password as shown in the Mail.

Well, Now I am going to tell you some Important things about this hack. Firstly, this software runs when you have an Internet Connection. It is also important that which ID  you want to hack, For example, you want to hack a Yahoo ID then you need to put that E-mail sent from "Support@yahoo.com". Now, In the image shown above, I have mentioned that "support@facebook.com" because here I am sending this Mail to the victim's primary E-mail with which his Facebook Account's E-mail ID is linked with.

Well, Hacking needs a lot of Social Engineering. Here, in the message field , I have mentioned a small and little message just for your guidance. But you can use your own creativity to make this message more serious so that the victim may fall into this scam. You have to use such words that the victim easily gets into it.Just see such an example below sent to broke into a Facebook Account.

Dear user,( Victim's Name Here)
This is to inform you that Our Facebook Team is going to Deactivate your account in 15 days because you have not followed our terms and policies while accessing your Facebook Account. You did not follow our rule 4.A.1 which is mentioned in our content guidelines. It is also found that suspicious login activities have been done on your account as your account has been used by a third-party User.
To continue using your Facebook account, Please change your Password to 12345678. And Please Keep this password for at least a week so that we can verify the ownership of your account.
Thank You.

So, you can use your own creativity to write this message. And it may happen that sometimes the sent messages may be sent to the spam folder. And some people like me and you would not ever fall in such scams as any authorised  authority will never send you such mails. And those who are  tech savvy that is not aware of such scams will easily fall in this scam and think that this message is original and will change their password as shown above in the message.

How many netizens will consider this mail as "fake", only 20% and what about the rest 80%, they will easily fall in such a scam.

Note: I do not promote this post to use it to hack Someone's account or to send Fake mails. I just want to make you aware of such scams so that you may become aware of it. I also say that this post is for educational purposes  and it is illegal to perform.

So, I hope you have enjoyed my article.
Please do comments on this post.
Keep Visiting.


Anonymous said...

nice one , but whats the option if the user replied to the mail ?

Anonymous said...

nice trick
to fool someone to foolish!!!

Anonymous said...

why there appears to be captcha?

Anonymous said...

bro! it doesn't work! i sent an email to myself but i didn't get the email!..... what to do ??

TechLance said...

i also didnt get the email when i tried to send it to my self

Anonymous said...

It doesn.t work.

Prateek Chandra said...

its not working dude....... captcha is also not showing

john said...

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Rasel Mahmud said...

nice tricks.

john said...

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john said...

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Rich Hacker said...

Nice post
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robin hood said...

nice post!
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