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Sunday, August 12, 2012

Removing Country Restrictions In Android Google Play Store

Google Play (Formerly Android Market)is the Largest Place for Android Apps,But one of the Biggest problem the users are facing is the Country Restriction in Google Play(Android Market).
Due to this Country restriction in Google Play(Android Market) Users couldn't download apps or games developed by the other country developers.
So here is the solution to Google Play Country Restriction.

The Solution to this Country restriction is to install modified version of Google Play Store on your Android Powered Device.

Install Modified Google Play Store-
1. Download the APK From Here.
2. Place the APK on your Phone (Do not install via adb since the original Play Store is still there, this won’t work)
3. Open APK from your phone using any File explorer
4. Select Yes when you are given the option that whether you wish to select this app.
5. Wait for installation process and you will have unrestricted Google Play Store, download any app you want!

Warning-Proceed at your own Risk,We'll not be responsible for any damage Better Take Backup.

If you have download problem after Installing new market do this
1.Connect your phone to your computer,set in usb mass storage mode.
2.Find a hidden folder called ".android_ secure"
3.Delete the file "smdl2tmp1 .asec".


Anonymous said...

It works? Do you have to root your phone before?

Courtney Winter said...

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Android said...

Anonymous: You will require ROOT if you want to install the Modded version!



Thanks for post & share this information. Currently i am using TotalRecall Android call recorder

web lol said...


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