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Sunday, November 20, 2011

Cookie Hack in Orkut

Orkut Hacking With Cookie Stealing
Process:-Go to your scrapbook.
  1. First Login to your orkut account. Now click on “Profile” link.
  2. You will Found Something like this at address bar of Firefox :
    Main Profile uid=123456789
  3. Copy the UID and replace with ”(YOUR_UID_HERE)” in the Java Script Code.
  4. Now send this link to your victim by scrap with words like “Free Mobile Recharge” , “HACKING TRICKS” , "TOOLKIT CODINGS" , "S3xy Katrina Kaif Video" Or 2012 Orkut Profile Theme".

    Now, just check your scrapbook, when victim click on link, you will find his cookie in your scrapbook.
  5. Now, Go to Tools-> Cookie Editor. and press ‘Refresh’.
  6. Double Click on it replace with Victim’s cookie. And put your UID in the place of victims UID and Log out from your Orkut account and login again.
Thats it. Now, You are in victim’s Homepage.


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