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Saturday, January 7, 2012

What is Stub & its Working

Now a days no new tutorials are coming out so i thought to write this

Now basically with most keyloggers, binders, crypters you find a Stub.exe

What is this Stub.exe?
- Well a stub is like the brain of the Keylogger. The builder is just the outer body. Like Imagine how you have a body but it won't function without a brain right? Similarly the Keylogger or a Crypter WON'T work without the stub.

Stub.exe so can I use it for my xyz Crypter or xyz Keylogger?

- NO a BIG NO. Stub.exe is just a name given to understand what the exe is. Each of them is restricted to software they are created for.

How is it works?
Now in the above image you can see that the builder takes the info and passes it to the stub. The stub then notes down your required options and creates server.exe

Well its not just that. The server.exe will also possess some characteristics of the stub. Like the properties, the size. So basically stub is like a mother giving birth to a child. sorry I thought that would be easier to explain :P

In a Keylogger it notes down the key strokes. But its hidden well so you cannot see it. But its recording Keystrokes in the background. Like this one:
Well Why not just make Stub in the Builder? Thats easy for us to use.

- We can't do that. Because options and email password differs from individual to individual. For modifying you will have to modify the code.

- Stub can be added to a builder internally. But once the stub is detected coders have to modify the code again to make it fud. So an external stub is easier to replace.

so guys i think you got some idea about stub.


Anonymous said...

nice,,but can you tell me how to make Server.exe from stub and builder step by step please
thannksss :)

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