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Sunday, January 8, 2012

Search Any File on Any File Sharing Server

Searching files on a particular File Sharing Server like Megaupload,Mediafire, or any other file hosting site can be a difficult task. Well, Now it's an easy job with an online tool known as Files Tube. Files Tube helps to search any file within a particular web hosting site. So, you just need to grab the name of the software,game,movie or anything and most probably you will get your file. The best part of this site is that it has an option with which you can search within a particular web hosting site like Mediafire, Megaupload,etc.
So, Here I will be showing tutorial to search tuneup utilities 2012 on filesonic
How to Search Files on Any File sharing Server:

Go to www.filestube.com.
Enter the name of the file you want and Click on Search. (Here I am Inserting tuneup utilities 2012)
Now click on More button present at the left side.
Now all the Web Hosting Sites will be displayed. Now Select the Web Hosting Site in which you want to search that particular file.Here I have selected filesonic.com So, All the results will be displayed on filesonic.
Click on the most appropriate link.
Now finally Click on Download.


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