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Sunday, September 18, 2011

How to Break a Samsung Mobile Password

The process will allow to break the password of your samsung mobile without using any 3rd party software.

In other word this will hard Reset your mobile.
After you complete the process this will delete all the document stored in your mobile like contacts,message,memo, calender appointment etc.. and Mobile will come back to its original stage.
After completing the process you will find that there is no password stored in your mobile.
1. Switch off your Mobile.
2. Remove the battary, Sim card and your Memory Card
3. Insert the battary and switch on your mobile phone.
4. Phone will ask you to start mobile without simcard. You just allow it.
5. After the phone will ON type this code (without quotes)
6. It will transform some p2p like that and the phone will be restarted automatically.
7. After the phone will be restarted insert the simcard and memory card.

Then you find that there is no password stored in the mobile.
If the above code is not working then try the below code instead
The code are tested on samsung mobile SGH-J-150 and SGH-E-490 and hope that it will work on all the samsung mobile.
This will only break the password of the samsung mobile but not the samsung mobile having windows or android or any different operating system.

Don't try these on mobiles which are theft from others.
This trick is for help you not to trouble others.


bharath said...

i used this but , the gets switched off when some one make a call

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