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Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Facebook smiley faces on chat – Add a smiley face to Facebook chat

If you are into chatting on Facebook and communicating your lungs out without actually speaking then this Facebook chat trick is for you. I personally do not chat on Facebook but I know all my friends are clearly engaged with anything to do with this website. 
Anyway that is enough of my opinion and lets get onto the cool smiley face tricks for chatting on Facebook. You will notice that these smileys codes are kind of similar to forum smiley code.
Facebook chat trick – add a smiley face to your Facebook chat. 

:) smile, much better in real life though…
:( sad face, how can be sad you are on Facebook? Get over it!
:D really happy, its really sad that you are really happy about this…
;) wink, sleazy..don’t use it!!
^_^ happy eye face, ok whatever..
>:-( grumpy face, maybe you would be happier if you were getting some vitamin :D …?
:3 cat face, why would you want this?
:’( crying face, how embarrassing, do you want attention?
:o shocked face, I was shocked too when I found out that you could look so shocked!
8) glass face, hmmm..don’t crack a smile then..
B) same as above, oh how boring, this one is a copycat!
8-| cool shades, we all want to be cool.. that is why we are on Facebook..
:P rude face, I know someone that cried when they saw this..
.O.o woot!, we won’t even go there…It’s all too much for me.
-_- dork face, you shouldn’t pick on people, even online…
:/ duhh, like saying I told you so, or you are an idiot, or your brainless..
<(“) peguin, please tell me why you would want to use this..Does it mean anything to you?
(^^^) jaws, same as the penquin thing…WT??
3:) devil, this is when you have been naughty? 
O:) angel, only good people can use this, otherwise the Facebook Gods will get you..
:* kiss face, you can kiss all you want on Facebook, just not in real life!
<3 heart, this is a cute one so I will not bag it out…
:v pacman, how 80′s is that? Didn’t pacman die with the Atari?
|] robot, don’t get this one, I guess you will just have to try it.
:putnam: guys face, who cares…we have profile pictures you know..
in short use these as shown ....
:)   smile
:(   sad face
:D  really happy
;)   wink
^_^ happy eye face
>:-( grumpy face
:3   cat face
:'(   crying face
:o   shocked face
8)   glass face
B)   same as above
8-| cool shades
:P   rude face
.O.o woot!
-_-  dork face
:/    duhh
<(") peguin
(^^^) jaws
3:)     devil
O:)    angel
:*     kiss face
<3   heart
:v   pacman
|]    robot
:putnam: guys face
Please feel free to comment below and let us know what Facebook smiley faces you use the most!


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