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Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Create your Own Trojan Virus

NOTE- This Tutorial is Only for Educational Purpose. Please Do not Use it to Harm Anyone.
I am going to Describe a Tool name ProRAT which is used to Create Trojan Virus. First of all you need to Download ProRAT from this Link Download
You will also get a Tutorial with this Setup so there's no need to Explain More.

Now Run the ProRAT. we will Create a Server, which you will Send to the Victim. Click "Create", and a window will pop up. Then choose the way how you want to be notified, and fill in the necessary details. If you want to use Proconnective, then Tick the Appropriate Box.
Now, Click on the General Settings Tab, and choose a name for your Victim, and make a Password for your Server. Tick whatever boxes you want. If you wish to bind with a file, then click on that tab. The last two tabs will allow you to choose an icon and a sever Extension. Now, Click the create server button. Now your server is ready.

Now we have to Send this Server to the Victim, and get their IP. Once you have done this, and victim has got the Server, go on to the Client, and Input his IP to the Specified Box. Then, Hit Connect. Give it a Minute, and It'll Connect.


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