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Thursday, July 28, 2011


Notice:- This file is Trojan as detected by some antivirus,
But the thing is every such files are called trojan,
as the process is to Track your system and view your systems reports.
But be secure, this file is not harmful for your system or for your personal information.
This software is made By Prey Project Company, and they take responsibility of it.

step 1st download the file from the official website


After Downloading Install the File and than
->they will ask for either standalone and +control panel ,
->Go for +control panel
->and than Click For New User.
->Give Your Name, Your Email and select Password to login the site.
E.g, Name :- John Smith
Password:-123456 (any Password that you choose) for Entering the site
-> than press ok.

You will Get Email from prey project, Just activate your account.
and click your device and do the following settings.

screen shot


If you click "ON" to "LOCK" option than be sure to remember the password given just below it, by Default the password is "PREYROCKS" .

-> It will ask the time you make your system on i.e, after logging in your System.

->and when "ALERT" option is on, the message will display whenever you log in to your system, that "this laptop is stolen ...." - lol

But I will ask you to follow the same way as it is on pictures, Don't make "ON" for option "ALERT", "ALARM", "LOCK", Etc.,

SO these were all steps and Now you Know.
Now if its get stolen than you can track your System.

Remember This still has demerit E.g, If thief formats your system completely than its no way possible to get back than to ask for police , and they don't track laptop normally, Until the stolen system is related with some serious case.

If pictures were not clear than just copy these link and paste in your URL, You will see it clearly.Don't click rather copy paste in URL :-






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