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Monday, July 18, 2011

Hack PC from Your Mobile Phone

Now You can Operate your computer from youe Bluetooth Enabled mobile phones with the help of BRC ( Bluetooth Remote Controller ) .

You can Download this magical tool from Here.

Bluetooth Remote Control (BRC) turns your Bluetooth enabled mobile phone into a universal controller for Windows. See your PowerPoint slides or desktop directly in the phone, browse/play the songs in ITune, WinAMP or Media player, and much more...

BRC consists of one program on the PC and one on the phone. The PC program is called the server and the phone the client. Setting up the BRC involves the following


1. Download and install server on the PC
2 .Install the client on the phone
3. Connecting from phone or PC

BRC server on PC

All Bluetooth solutions are supported! Native support for the Microsoft and

Widcomm/Broadcom stacks. Toshiba, IVT/Bluesoile and others are supported via

COM port access.

Window 98/2000, XP and Vista with the .NET framework 2.0 or higher installed.

This framework is a recommended update from Microsoft and is included in Vista. If the installation program fails to detect support for the framework it will be downloaded and installed with BRC during the installation process. If this fails Please download the framework here!

BRC client on Phone

BRC supports all Bluetooth enabled phones supporting JAVA MIDP2.0 and JAVA JSR-82.

Most of today phones support MIDP2.0 but not all of them have the Bluetooth support specified in JSR-82. Support for JSR-82 is however increasing very fast! BRC supports all Bluetooth enabled mobile phones from Nokia,

SonyEricsson and Motorola as well as many other phone brands.

*Display desktop in mouse controller
*Show PC desktop on the phone when controlling the mouse.
Showing the desktop can cause some phone's to crash or hang due to the increasing data traffic.To minimize this risk make sure that the traffic is as small as possible and elaborat on:

1. Enable the stability option
2. Set a low desktop size on phone
3. Try to use gray colors with as few colors as possible

This is also to minimize the respond time and improve the user experience.

Desktop size on phone
Set how many percentage of the phone display the desktop shall occupy!

Display images in gray colour
All images are displayed in gray colour.

Number of gray colours
Number of gray colours to show in the image

Automatically start program at login If this option is selected the program will start automatically each time you start the computer.

Presentation mode
1. Disable screensaver
2. Disable standby
3. Disable hibernate
4. Automatically reconnect if connection is lost (Only if direct connect method is supported)

Authenticate Bluetooth
Prevent access to the PC with Bluetooth Remote Control. A remote phone is required to enter a pin code before connecting and getting access to the computer. After a successful connect using pin code, the remote device is authenticated and can connect without pin code. Only available with the direct connect method!


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