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Saturday, September 3, 2011

Enable Right Click on Right Click Disabled Websites

When you are surfing the web, you may come across certain websites that does not allow you to perform right click to copy text or any images. This is mostly done to prevent other users from copying or stealing their work.

Enable Right Click in Firefox Using RightToClick:

1. Download and install RightToClick. Once the add-on is installed you will see a golden pointer
at the lower right corner of Firefox and also right next to the address bar.

2. When you visit any website which has disabled right click options, click on the mouse pointer and it will enable the right click options on that page. The pointer will turn green as shown below.

3. You can access advanced option either by right clicking on the mouse icon or by going to Tools > Addons and then going to options of RightToClick.

Enjoy and Copy anything you want !!


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